Individual Therapy

Individualized counselling for motivated youth and high achieving adults. Therapy provides an opportunity to identify the things that are holding you back and develop a clear path forward.


Couples Therapy

Ideal for all stages of relationships. Couples therapy is an investment in your relationship and can be helpful during times of conflict and/or when things are calm as a preventative measure.



Have you been feeling dissatisfied with important parts of your life?

Are you feeling anxious, stressed or overwhelmed?

Have you been feeling disconnected from the important people in your life?

Are you arguing more than you’d like with your partner?

Are you considering making some major changes in your relationship or career?

Are there habits you are ready to kick?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, you are certainly not alone and talking to a professional can help.




Anxiety can be a driving force, helping us to succeed in many areas of life, both professionally and personally.  However, there are times when it can get in the way of the life we are capable of living.  With the support of a skilled and experienced counsellor, you will gain clarity and perspective.  Mark supports individuals dealing with anxiety resulting from life transitions such as divorce, career change, parenting challenges and interpersonal conflict.  You will  be supported to find effective strategies to help you achieve your personal, career or relationship goals.  




Long days and busy nights can take a heavy toll on overall health and wellbeing. With a focus on simple strategies and self-care, Mark provides clients with the tools they need to conquer stress and improve their quality of life.  His non-judgmental approach allows for personal growth and self-fulfillment.  Mark will help you to improve your relationships, clarify goals and move in a new direction.  




There are times in life when it can feel like you are in constant conflict with the ones you love.  With expertise in improving relationships, parent-child attachment and adolescent development Mark can help you tap into your strengths so you can have better understanding and connection within your family.  This may include supporting transitions for new parents, strengthening connections between partners and improving relationships with children.   


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