Vancouver, B.C. Clinical Counsellor Alison Holland


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Alison Holland is a Vancouver-based Registered Social Worker (RSW 12917). She received her Masters in Social Work from the University of British Columbia, and has dedicated her career to helping women, families and children through many different stages of life.  Alison is a wife and mother of three children who brings a wealth of personal experience and professional expertise to her work. 

Alison believes that people can change their lives for the better.  Humour and honesty drive Alison’s practice.  

Alison has supported women and families for over 15 years. A certified Connect Parent Group Leader and Gottman Bringing Baby Home Educator she has a passion for providing research-based training and information that can help families to manage transition periods. She is identified as a leader in her field for her willingness to find creative solutions to problems and for her honest and down to earth approach.


Alison Holland Registered Social Worker Vancouver BC

Alison understands firsthand how much of a balancing act life can be.

She helps busy parents get clear on their values to better manage life transitions, and be the kind of person, parent, or partner they want to be.

Alison works from a place of understanding to reduce stress, manage anxiety and connect with what really matters.